Turning dreams into goals…

Some years ago I was introduced to a dream achievement program and have used it ever since to help others achieve their dreams. I set up a program with another small local firm. I became an accountability partner to their employees and their owner became our accountability partner. This all happened about 8 years ago and since then Don and I have changed our life around. We have a life that others only day dream about!

Sailing on the ocean blue

Sailing on the ocean blue

Stop just day dreaming and turn your dreams into goals! It is simple really we write down our dreams, we prioritize them, turn them into goals and set an action plan for them to be achieved. The accountability partners really help us keep on track.

Since this first started I have achieved dreams such as:

  1. Flying a helicopter
  2. Swimming with the wild dolphins in the Pacific off Hawaii
  3. Spending 10 or more weeks on vacation every year

In fact I have to create a new vision board.  This one will be my third and if there is one thing I have learned in this process is that you have to dream big.  The ones I have put together in the past have nearly all come true, sometimes not exactly as I had envisioned, but they come so close to  reality that it is simply amazing.

Join me on May 5th and listen to my story.  I will also have two very special guest speakers who will tell there story and how I help and mentor them.  Please register at: daretordreamit.com.  It is only an hour of your time to get motivated and instead of wondering when your next vacation might be, you will set up a life that you do not need to escape from!

Here’s to your prosperity and living the life as if you were on vacation 24/7!


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