Finding your inner word

Finding your inner word!

As a dyslexic and having had teachers that didn’t support my learning process when I was at school a typewriter or keyboard was so exciting. For me at school I literally hated to write, my brain just didn’t send the right signals to my fingers. Do you relate to this?

This went on until I went to secretarial school at the age of about 18 and one of the classes was typewriting, actually learning the keyboard with out looking at it. Within just two years I could type (on an old fashioned typewriter) 90 words a minute with only one or two mistakes…..WOW!

Do you or someone else you know have problems with writing? Then find a app that could teach them keyboard, I suggest that they learn this instead of hen pecking at the keyboard. The time taken in this learning process will be a huge boost to whatever it is they want to write.

I love my computers! They are my way of uncovering the words thar have been hiding in my head for more than half a century!

Here’s to your success!

Jane May Jones


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