Motivational Speaking and Mentoring for your audience

It would be my pleasure to come to your event and share my story in the hopes that I can inspire your audience to dream Jane May Jonesbig and set goals to attain those dreams.  My goal would to help your audience change their belief system and to change their circle of friends to be all inspirational, uplifting successful people.  Speaking and Mentoring to your audience would be my privilege. All of this as documented in my best selling book: “Go forth and change the World: how to succeed with dyslexia!” Contact me at

Set your sights on your dreams!

A dream achievement and mentoring program. Our dreams are the visions that shape our lives.  Do you know what your dreams are? Have you stopped dreaming? Sometimes we do.  At different points in our journey, both professionally and personally, it is easy to get so caught up in surviving that we stop dreaming.  When we stop dreaming, we slowly begin to disengage from our work, from our relationships and from life itself.  Join me for my FREE webinar on May 5 at 8.00 pm EST.  Sign up with your email below and what for the details to arrive in your inbox.  


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How to succeed with Dyslexia

Learn how I came from a working class family, struggled in high school and got a ‘job’ as a shorthand typist/filing clerk to owning and running my own successful companies and creating a public charity.  All with the dreaded learning disability called dyslexia.  Anyone can do it and so can you and your audience.  Invite me to speak at your next event and in about 45 minutes I can share the secrets of my success.

Other subjects:

Root Strength:

A workshops for women to harness their power. 

This is a powerful two day retreat or one day add-on retreat for women of all ages.  This retreat will help you find the inner serenity and peace in your turbulent and hectic life.  Have you always wanted to know how to attain the inner power and become the amazing human being you were put on this planet to become?  Would you like to understand the secrets of manifestation and how to use your belief system to create abundance and joy in your life?  Then you have found what you are looking for.

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How nature nurtures creativity

Join Magical Earth Retreats for a weekend retreat into nature and learn all over again how much fun it is to be outside and at one with nature.  Learn how to have fun, create and connect with yourself.  Rekindle that sense of wonder which you lost at about 10 years old.  Do you remember?  If not, then join us for a weekend retreat and have and employe that sense of wonder in your every day life.

Marketing your service business:

A mentoring program which will boost your sales exponentially.  You will be given spreadsheets, documents and procedures to use in your business along with a monthly one-on-one coaching call.  Jane will help you to get the systems in place and to get the fly wheel motor running while you can achieve your dreams.