Living and Succeeding Series

Living and Succeeding is a series of books which I have written or am going to write about how I have succeeded in life.  The first one is more of a memoir about three specific challenges in my life: being dyslexic, being bullied as a child in middle school and having lost the only child Don and I conceived and how those events changed my life.  They all helped me have disempowering beliefs that held me back and stopped me from fulfilling my purpose in life.

It is one of my goals in life now to help others overcome their life challenges and to change their mindset to be very positive and empowering.  I would especially like to help women through similar life events and change their outlook about themselves and about their lives.  As you will read I have several ways of doing this through live speaking events, webinars and programs.  Join me on my journey living and succeeding in life.