The Power of Words by a Dyslexic

One of my dyslexic symptoms is that I mix my words up.  I think one thing and another thing comes out of my mouth.  Do you relate?  For the longest time, in fact years and years, I would be terribly embarrassed when the wrong thing came out of my mouth.  NOT NOW!

I was recently telling the following story and I laughed so hard that my sides ached so I thought I would share this with you.

A few years ago, Don and I attended a personal development conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had been members of this program for some time and this was the annual event with a collection of inspirational speakers.  The organizer of this conference had specifically asked the presenters to not sell to the audience.  Things were going along just swell, interesting people in the audience and great information being shared by the speakers.  There was one speaker who sold to us from the stage!  We knew this was not appropriate in this instance.  After the conference this particular speaker had been reprimanded by the organizer and as Don and I were leaving the building this person was sitting outside with a friend and as we walked by I wanted to say “Oh so you must be out here decompressing!”  But instead this is what came out of my mouth:  “Oh so you must be out here decomposing!”

Don and I laughed all the way down the road.  It was so amusing.

This is not the only time this has happened to me.  Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes Don nudges me and sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.

Do you relate to this story?  Reframe the way you think about this type of phenomena.  Instead of giving yourself negative feedback, look at the funny side of this stuff and don’t beat yourself up and bring down your self-esteem.  Anyway laughing is the best medicine.

Here’s to your prosperity,


PS Don’t be afraid of laughing at yourself 🙂

Jane May Jones

You will never amount to anything!

That is what my English teacher told me when I was about 12.  I had recently returned to England after a nearly six year stay in the U.S.

For one thing the American language and the English language have a good deal of differences.  So not only did I have difficulty in readying and writing English because of my dyslexia, I also spelled things differently and even used words slightly differently from the rest of the class.

In the 1960’s I don’t think they even knew about dyslexia and even if they did it wasn’t something that was well known to the masses.

How any teacher can say that to a young person is beyond me.  I’d like to be able to show her today how successful I have become.  The biggest problem this comment posed for me over the years was the affect that it has had on my belief system.  It has only been in the last few years that I have released this belief.  Now I believe:

I am worthy

I am successful

I am intelligent

I am going to change the world

My words of advice on this subject:

Always believe in yourself and don’t believe what everyone else says, that is their story not yours.

Here’s to your prosperity,


One woman's dream to change the world!

One woman’s dream to change the world!

Beating the Odds!

Not sure when I finally realized I had dyslexia, it may have been in the 90’s.  At that time I was working in a fairly big corporation and moving up that corporate ladder slowly but surely.  I had become a product manager, my expertise was founded in an awesome knowledge of how computers work and speak to one another and my people management skills.  I was known for taking swift action when necessary.

As the days wore on at work I found that my issue of reversing numbers got worse in the afternoon.  Do you find that?  I started to adjust when I worked on the accounting end of things.  I started to avoid working on our personal book-keeping in the evenings as I would make too many errors.

Also at this time I hardly read at all.  If I did I would read three-six pages before having to put the book down, because some of the sentences I had to read half a dozen times to make sense of what the words were trying to say.

All this said, though, I beat the odds!  Without a college degree I managed to become part of the upper level management with responsibilities for budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For all you parents out there that are worried about their dyslexic children, there is hope and they too can beat the odds and will live and succeed with dyslexia!

Here’s to your prosperity,


One woman's dream to change the world!

One woman’s dream to change the world!


Living and Succeeding with Dyslexia

“Do you or someone in your life struggle with reading? That loved one may be dyslexic. My book entitled: “Living and Succeeding with Dyslexia” is about to be published and I would love to hear your story and include it in my book. Interested? then send me a message or email me at!

Here is the cover of my book:


One woman's dream to change the world!

One woman’s dream to change the world!

Travel: Arriving in Barbados

Each month I will be including text and images from my sketchbook travel journal. I started my journals in 2005, so I am going to begin in the beginning! The small sketches are all done on location within about 5 minutes or so.

journal_03611/25/05 Barbados

We have been here since Thursday afternoon. The weather is spectacular, 85-88 degrees with very little humidity. Lynda and I have done all the grocery shopping and yesterday afternoon we went on the local bus to the fish market. What a trip! It was hot and the reggae was playing. We got king fish, tuna and flying fish for less than $30. The sunset last night was sky-blue-pink. We sat on the beach drinking Lynda’s ‘special’ rum punch. This is the life!


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Believe in your power!

Have you ever felt that your light, power and aura is so strong that it has pushed people away from you? Have you ever felt that you can’t communicate the right things to the people around you? Is it because you are too blindly powerful and scary to others?

A recent episode in our business has reminded me of the fact that through my growing years, teenage years and even in to adulthood, I had few girlfriends. Too powerful for most people around me. Do you relate to that? Has this sort of thing happened to you? If you are reading this, probably so.

Sometimes you have to learn to tame the power that is within you in order to communicate with others. This is hard when you don’t even expect this reaction and in the beginning you think that it is something to do with the fact that you have done something wrong to someone else, but in fact you have not. Don’t forget the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz! Be gentle with others when you have this affect on them. They do not comprehend your power and you frighten them. I am still learning this and take lessons from my writings and musings.

Take your light and power and harness it so that you can help those that have that fear. It is based on the wrong thing: FEAR. They have not found what you have and everyone must help those people as much as possible.

Love, light, power, happiness are what I want to pass on to those who despair, those who are searching for answer and even those who are not. Dyslexic children and families, young teenage girls and women who harbor bad belief systems. Come to me for help in ending your search.

wishing you much light, love and happiness,

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Listen to my posts

Good morning,

For those of you who find it difficult to read for one reason or another can you click on the listen button and hear my posts. Hope this helps everyone! Have a great day!

Here’s to your prosperity,

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The gift of dyslexia!

Hello everyone!

Since I have started on my journey as an author I have come to realize that my dyslexia has been a gift all along – not an impediment!

Although my time at middle school/high school levels were definitely challenging, now I realize that I am so gifted to be able to use both sides of my brain as easily as I do. At the same time I can draw and think about our profit and loss statements. How many people do you know that can think in both directions!

I suddenly realized about this the other day when I was thinking about a close acquaintance of mine. His name is Sean Stephenson. You can look him up on-line. He was born with an unusual disorder which made his bones very brittle and had hundreds of broken bones during his childhood and one day his Mom said: you must embrace your situation and look at it as a gift which will help you in your life. Sure enough he beat the odds and the doctor nay sayers and has become an extremely inspiring individual. He has a gift to share!

Recently Sean (who is now in his 30’s) had a spill out of his wheel chair and broke several bones including his skull. He has been in severe pain, but is hopefully on the mend. Sean made me think about my gift and really want to share this process with you all. Please send out your healing thoughts to Sean.

Have you ever thought about changing the way your think about your short comings? Take a moment and reframe them and go forth and change your mindset. You will be amazed how this changes your outlook on everything!
You have the power to change your belief system!
Here’s to your prosperity,

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From Dyslexic to Successful

Introducing my my first Blog. I am so excited to be able to talk to you all about how I have come to this successful point in my life from being told that “I wouldn’t amount to anything” by my high school English teacher! I do hope this helps those of you out there that have been filled with others’ dis-empowering beliefs.

You can read my biography on this page . But that page doesn’t go into details about my early childhood. How I have dyslexia (albeit a mild version of the disorder) and over the years I have learned to accept it, embrace it and work with it, instead of letting it hold me back. Have you been blessed with this disorder or do you know someone else with it? My soon to be released book will give you some insight on how I have overcome this so called ‘learning disability’.

One of the things I have realized is that as my days wear on, I gradually get more and more dyslexic as I tire. Therefore, I make sure to do all financial work early in the day. This avoids lots more mistakes, reversing of numbers, etc.

How do you deal with this on a daily basis?

Looking forward to speaking with you all on a regular basis.

Here’s to your prosperity!