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Have you ever gone on vacation to the Caribbean and are unsure of where to go and what do to and wanted to find a insiders travel guide?  Have you ever wished you could get a personal travel guide, but really can’t afford a daily or weekly guide service?  Look no further!

Join the Joneses now!

SXM Beaches

SXM Beaches

Purchase our guide and save up to $200 per day in excursion fees either purchased on your ship or as you disembark on to the island.  No standing in lines, just sweet SXM eXperiences.

After many years of visiting St. Martin on vacation, we now live there for extended periods of time.  We have been to some of the best, most reasonable restaurants, we know the best excursions for the money and the best beaches to visit for a few hours or for the day.  We know how to get around the island and where to have pit stops for breaks, lunch or shopping.



So download our SXM travel guide entitled

“Island Time:SXM”

We also offer specialized services for a morning, day or by the week:

  • Fishing guide
  • Through the eyes of an artist: watercolor workshops and trips
  • Gastronomic lovers extravaganza!
  • Enlightened Women’s Retreats
  • Children’s nature camps
  • Snorkeling
  • and more….

Join the Joneses on their adventures or use their expertise and get the inside scoop on where to go and what to do when you visit the places listed below.

St. Martin


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