The Goddess Collection

The Goddess Collection of Watercolor paintings of spiritual animals and the earth.

Welcome to the Goddess Collective a collection of watercolor paintings! This collection of my paintings is some of the most recents ones I have completed. On my journey as a human healer and artist I have been experimenting with my art and these are a few of the ones I have created which I call the Goddess Collective. At the same time I have been expanding my artistic techniques with collaging.

You will see that I have been playing with color both watercolor and ink and incorporating mini vignettes within a painting. A few of my most favorite animals are depicted in this collection. I have playing with zentangle and have even used some luminescent medium.

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Wisdom Keeper

Wisdom Keeper


Root Chakra

Root Chakra watercolor


Yuletide Deer


Heart Wings

Heart Wings


3rd Eye

3rd Eye Watercolor


Peace Dove

Peace Dove watercolor and ink


All of my paintings related to Chakras, healing and magical animals. All of these originals are available for sale or you can purchase watercolor greeting cards in packages of six.

If you like these paintings you might like my watercolor collage paintings. I also teach all of these techniques. Some videos are available on my YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy The Goddess Collective a collection of watercolor paintings!

Peace Dove of the Goddess Collection
Peace Dove watercolor and ink