The Power of Words

The Power of Words

One of my dyslexic symptoms is that I mix my words up.  I think one thing and another thing comes out of my mouth.  Do you

Laughing with Annissa Coy

Laughing with Annissa Coy

relate?  For the longest time, in fact years and years, I would be terribly embarrassed when the wrong thing came out of my mouth.  NOT NOW!

I was recently telling the following story and I laughed so hard that my sides ached so I thought I would share this with you.

A few years ago, Don and I attended a personal development conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had been members of this program for some time and this was the annual event with a collection of inspirational speakers.  The organizer of this conference had specifically asked the presenters to not sell to the audience.  Things were going along just swell, interesting people in the audience and great information being shared by the speakers.  There was one speaker who sold to us from the stage!  We knew this was not appropriate in this instance.  After the conference this particular speaker had been reprimanded by the organizer and as Don and I were leaving the building this person was sitting outside with a friend and as we walked by I wanted to say “Oh so you must be out here decompressing!”  But instead this is what came out of my mouth:  “Oh so you must be out here decomposing!”

Don and I laughed all the way down the road.  It was so amusing.

This is not the only time this has happened to me.  Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes Don nudges me and sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.

Do you relate to this story?  Reframe the way you think about this type of phenomena.  Instead of giving yourself negative feedback, look at the funny side of this stuff and don’t beat yourself up and bring down your self-esteem.  Anyway laughing is the best medicine.

Here’s to your prosperity,


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