Retreat to Nature

Retreating on your own
Recently I have found that in order for me to be a successful entrepreneur, I absolutely must retreat to nature on my own. I find that I can be clearer and ready to go back and continue creating the best companies I possibly can.  this can be directly translatable to someone who has a job or wants to create a better life.
Retreating to nature and using these tools help me and I hope they help you :
1. I meditate and work through each of my chakras while breathing deeply. I share how to do this quick and easy exercise during Magical Earth Retreats women’s retreats.  Get a mentor to help you with this or send me an email to me at
2. Take the time to think about your business/personal ideas those that you have in your plan or on your vision board.  Envision what the end product or situation will look like, keep that vision in your mind at all times.
3. Believe! believe in yourself and in your goal. Believe it all day long until it Materializes. If you get too much resistance to it then don’t give up, it may just be the wrong time or you haven’t met the right people to help with the project.
4. Finally I forgive anyone who has hurt me or my feelings.
Don’t forget I was told by my English teacher when I was about 13 that I wouldn’t amount to anything! Ignore the naysayers and believe in yourself and give yourself the time to think, be at peace in nature, envision and believe.
Here’s to your exceptional future

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