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The Wisdom of Getting Older

The Wisdom of Age

Getting older,

you believe in your destiny

Getting older,

you grow less afraid of death

Getting older,

you let things go

Getting older,

you don’t need the gifts under the tree

Getting older,

you find joy in the small things

Getting older,

you start to realize your time is limited

Getting older,

your best gift is the gift of time together with family and friends

So love with passion,

Greet each new day with joy

Tell those who gather around you how you feel

Spend time with loved ones

Reap the experience of every day

and above all smile at strangers!

Now that I am ‘version 6.0’ ‘Wish I knew this when I was in my twenties and thirties!! Email me at

Family Time

Family Time



Do you have fears that are holding you back?  I certainly did, but now life is different.  Your brain has something that is called ‘mind frick’  it is that chatter that happens when you are doing or are about to be doing that may contain risk.  Your mind is very powerful and it helps keep you safe.  That is its job.

There used to be a lot of things I didn’t do because of FEAR.  But not so much now.  When I am about to do something that is outside my comfort zone, I feel little butterflies in my tummy.  It is normal.  But what I know now is that those little butterflies are there to remind me that I am headed through the fear and will come out growing from the new experience.  Stop the fear now and start growing!

IMG_4159For example, recently, during a stay in Sint Maarten I was running a day-camp for local foster children and I was offered the opportunity to take the children on America’s Cup racing yachts.  What a thrill and learning experience it would be for the children.  But as soon as it was offered and confirmed I felt the butterflies.  I even voiced the thought that I might not be able to do this…maybe someone else should lead the children in this experience.  These were the thoughts running through my head.

After much thought I realized that this was easy compared to some other things I have done.  So I told my brain “thank you for your concern, but this will be fine and I will do it.”  While board the yacht I was still a little nervous, but the two hour sail and race was amazing.  It was such a thrill and I was so glad I shared in the experience.

So remember when you get those little butterflies, remind yourself that you are growing through the experience and don’t get paralyzed by the fear your brain is creating.

Take control of your life!



Belief System

How is your belief system?

For the first 50 or so years of my life I had a terrible belief system, not too dis-similar to many of us.  I believed that I was not worthy, not beautiful.  Also I was very fearful of almost everything.  I never stepped outside my comfort zone.  My brain would stop me all the time. Through much soul searching, education and experiences I have been able to turn that around.

Jane May Jones about to fly a helicopter!

Jane May Jones about to fly a helicopter!

The mind is made to help keep us safe and as soon as we think about something outside our box the brain kicks in with “mind frick”.  “Mind frick” is the inner voice of the brain that tells you to be safe, don’t even think about doing that thing.  When that happens just tell your brain thank you for keeping me safe, but I am going to do it anyway!

One way that I overcome this is to plant your feet on the earth (or floor), feel the strength rise up through your feet and through your body.  Let that strength move you through the fear and believe in yourself.  Remember there is no fear in the present, this there is no fear!

Here’s to you Living and Succeeding!

Jane May Jones


Turning dreams into goals…

Some years ago I was introduced to a dream achievement program and have used it ever since to help others achieve their dreams. I set up a program with another small local firm. I became an accountability partner to their employees and their owner became our accountability partner. This all happened about 8 years ago and since then Don and I have changed our life around. We have a life that others only day dream about!

Sailing on the ocean blue

Sailing on the ocean blue

Stop just day dreaming and turn your dreams into goals! It is simple really we write down our dreams, we prioritize them, turn them into goals and set an action plan for them to be achieved. The accountability partners really help us keep on track.

Since this first started I have achieved dreams such as:

  1. Flying a helicopter
  2. Swimming with the wild dolphins in the Pacific off Hawaii
  3. Spending 10 or more weeks on vacation every year

In fact I have to create a new vision board.  This one will be my third and if there is one thing I have learned in this process is that you have to dream big.  The ones I have put together in the past have nearly all come true, sometimes not exactly as I had envisioned, but they come so close to  reality that it is simply amazing.

Join me on May 5th and listen to my story.  I will also have two very special guest speakers who will tell there story and how I help and mentor them.  Please register at:  It is only an hour of your time to get motivated and instead of wondering when your next vacation might be, you will set up a life that you do not need to escape from!

Here’s to your prosperity and living the life as if you were on vacation 24/7!



Smile today!
Have you ever noticed that so many people walk around in life with an upside down smile? Are you one of those people?  If so listen up!
Starting today I want you to be conscious about how happy you look, even if you have pain and things are difficult,

Day lilly

Find things that make you smile every day.

smile at the next person you see, or just walk around with a smile on your face.  This little action will make you feel better, where ever you are in your life.

Keep practicing this until it is second nature. Not only will you be a happier person, but you will make a lot of others happier.  Smile today and shed a little sunshine on all who come in contact with you.
This too is one of the ways that I Make my life happier and more successful.
Here’s to you living and succeeding!

Rights of Passage

Rights of Passage

It would seem that we have to start showing the younger female population the rights of passage.  Each generation needs to know how to believe, live and be the powerful women that we were born to be, but society gets in the way.  Maybe we should do something that hits each age group.  Could we?  Does this make any sense?  I was just thinking and needed to share….probably not as concise as I can be.  Do you understand?

I was just thinking about the different stages in my life and I think that I can show others how to cut to the chase and be where I am today (which is still not where I should be), but it is a whole lot better than 90% of the female population.  We create so much anguish for ourselves and work for so many of the wrong things, leaving ourselves in the background.
I believe DSC00885we could create something that is on-going to help other ladies from the early age of 16-18 to live the life of their dreams and not be a slave to what their society says they must be.
If this starts to spark anything please let me know,
Lot so of love,
PS Get my book: Living and Succeeding on amazon for only $0.99!

Retreat to Nature

Retreating on your own
Recently I have found that in order for me to be a successful entrepreneur, I absolutely must retreat to nature on my own. I find that I can be clearer and ready to go back and continue creating the best companies I possibly can.  this can be directly translatable to someone who has a job or wants to create a better life.
Retreating to nature and using these tools help me and I hope they help you :
1. I meditate and work through each of my chakras while breathing deeply. I share how to do this quick and easy exercise during Magical Earth Retreats women’s retreats.  Get a mentor to help you with this or send me an email to me at
2. Take the time to think about your business/personal ideas those that you have in your plan or on your vision board.  Envision what the end product or situation will look like, keep that vision in your mind at all times.
3. Believe! believe in yourself and in your goal. Believe it all day long until it Materializes. If you get too much resistance to it then don’t give up, it may just be the wrong time or you haven’t met the right people to help with the project.
4. Finally I forgive anyone who has hurt me or my feelings.
Don’t forget I was told by my English teacher when I was about 13 that I wouldn’t amount to anything! Ignore the naysayers and believe in yourself and give yourself the time to think, be at peace in nature, envision and believe.
Here’s to your exceptional future

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

One of my dyslexic symptoms is that I mix my words up.  I think one thing and another thing comes out of my mouth.  Do you

Laughing with Annissa Coy

Laughing with Annissa Coy

relate?  For the longest time, in fact years and years, I would be terribly embarrassed when the wrong thing came out of my mouth.  NOT NOW!

I was recently telling the following story and I laughed so hard that my sides ached so I thought I would share this with you.

A few years ago, Don and I attended a personal development conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  We had been members of this program for some time and this was the annual event with a collection of inspirational speakers.  The organizer of this conference had specifically asked the presenters to not sell to the audience.  Things were going along just swell, interesting people in the audience and great information being shared by the speakers.  There was one speaker who sold to us from the stage!  We knew this was not appropriate in this instance.  After the conference this particular speaker had been reprimanded by the organizer and as Don and I were leaving the building this person was sitting outside with a friend and as we walked by I wanted to say “Oh so you must be out here decompressing!”  But instead this is what came out of my mouth:  “Oh so you must be out here decomposing!”

Don and I laughed all the way down the road.  It was so amusing.

This is not the only time this has happened to me.  Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes Don nudges me and sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.

Do you relate to this story?  Reframe the way you think about this type of phenomena.  Instead of giving yourself negative feedback, look at the funny side of this stuff and don’t beat yourself up and bring down your self-esteem.  Anyway laughing is the best medicine.

Here’s to your prosperity,


Finding your inner word

Finding your inner word!

As a dyslexic and having had teachers that didn’t support my learning process when I was at school a typewriter or keyboard was so exciting. For me at school I literally hated to write, my brain just didn’t send the right signals to my fingers. Do you relate to this?

This went on until I went to secretarial school at the age of about 18 and one of the classes was typewriting, actually learning the keyboard with out looking at it. Within just two years I could type (on an old fashioned typewriter) 90 words a minute with only one or two mistakes…..WOW!

Do you or someone else you know have problems with writing? Then find a app that could teach them keyboard, I suggest that they learn this instead of hen pecking at the keyboard. The time taken in this learning process will be a huge boost to whatever it is they want to write.

I love my computers! They are my way of uncovering the words thar have been hiding in my head for more than half a century!

Here’s to your success!

Jane May Jones