Do you have fears that are holding you back?  I certainly did, but now life is different.  Your brain has something that is called ‘mind frick’  it is that chatter that happens when you are doing or are about to be doing that may contain risk.  Your mind is very powerful and it helps keep you safe.  That is its job.

There used to be a lot of things I didn’t do because of FEAR.  But not so much now.  When I am about to do something that is outside my comfort zone, I feel little butterflies in my tummy.  It is normal.  But what I know now is that those little butterflies are there to remind me that I am headed through the fear and will come out growing from the new experience.  Stop the fear now and start growing!

IMG_4159For example, recently, during a stay in Sint Maarten I was running a day-camp for local foster children and I was offered the opportunity to take the children on America’s Cup racing yachts.  What a thrill and learning experience it would be for the children.  But as soon as it was offered and confirmed I felt the butterflies.  I even voiced the thought that I might not be able to do this…maybe someone else should lead the children in this experience.  These were the thoughts running through my head.

After much thought I realized that this was easy compared to some other things I have done.  So I told my brain “thank you for your concern, but this will be fine and I will do it.”  While board the yacht I was still a little nervous, but the two hour sail and race was amazing.  It was such a thrill and I was so glad I shared in the experience.

So remember when you get those little butterflies, remind yourself that you are growing through the experience and don’t get paralyzed by the fear your brain is creating.

Take control of your life!