Belief System

How is your belief system?

For the first 50 or so years of my life I had a terrible belief system, not too dis-similar to many of us.  I believed that I was not worthy, not beautiful.  Also I was very fearful of almost everything.  I never stepped outside my comfort zone.  My brain would stop me all the time. Through much soul searching, education and experiences I have been able to turn that around.

Jane May Jones about to fly a helicopter!

Jane May Jones about to fly a helicopter!

The mind is made to help keep us safe and as soon as we think about something outside our box the brain kicks in with “mind frick”.  “Mind frick” is the inner voice of the brain that tells you to be safe, don’t even think about doing that thing.  When that happens just tell your brain thank you for keeping me safe, but I am going to do it anyway!

One way that I overcome this is to plant your feet on the earth (or floor), feel the strength rise up through your feet and through your body.  Let that strength move you through the fear and believe in yourself.  Remember there is no fear in the present, this there is no fear!

Here’s to you Living and Succeeding!

Jane May Jones

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